Technology helps us provide you with the most accurate dentistry possible. We use digital imaging and 3-D imaging in our office to improve your outcome!

Intra-Oral Camera

At Kerr Family Dental we value providing the best service to our patients and keeping up to date with new technology.  This is why we may use an intraoral camera during your visit.  An intraoral camera allows us to see things that don't show up on x-rays and may be missed with the naked eye.  It also gives us the ability to show you a picture of what is going on in your mouth.  This information can be used to help educate you on oral issues or see why certain treatment may be recommended.  It also allows you and Dr. Kerr to discuss what is going on and decide together what the best course of treatment would be.  Sometimes we will send these pictures to your insurance company to help you get the most benefit out of your insurance.

Digital X-Rays

Digital images reduce radiation by up to 80 percent, making them extremely safe for our patients. We use x-rays to detect decay and other oral conditions that are not visible through a  visual exam alone. Most dental conditions do not produce symptoms until they are well advanced, putting your oral health at risk. Digital x-rays provide us with high-resolution images that allow Dr. Kerr to detect decay and other problems early, when they are easier to treat. 

3-D CBCT Imaging


When placing a dental implant or performing a surgery, accuracy is essential to ensure a great outcome. By introducing 3-D imaging in our Osceola dental office, we are able to capture 3-D images that allow Dr. Kerr to effectively plan every step of your treatment before he even begins.

With surgeries, such as dental extractions, he can determine the complexity of your surgery and if there are any biological landmarks that affect how he performs the procedure.

For dental implant placement, Dr. Kerr can locate the area of bone that will provide the greatest stability and support.

Dental Loupes High Powered Magnification

When you come see the dentist you usually expect to get your teeth cleaned and maybe some x-rays done.  The x-rays help us see in places we can't by just visually looking.  Did you know that Dr. Kerr uses high powered magnification every time he does an exam or treatment?  This magnification allows him to see very fine details in your teeth and fillings that he wouldn't otherwise be able to see.  It allows him to be very precise when doing fillings, root canals or even taking out teeth.  Dr. Kerr also uses a headlight to deliver high quality LED light to exactly the place he is looking at so there are no shadows blocking his view.  All of this equipment provides for better quality dentistry which means longer lasting dentistry for the patient. 

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