Dentures and Partials

What Are Dentures?

With the advances in modern medicine, more people are living longer, and for a lot of people this can mean outliving their teeth. Whether your are missing several teeth or all of them, missing teeth can make life hard. It can impact your chewing, speaking, and smiling. At Kerr Family Dental, we strive to give everyone the best care we can so you can have the best quality of life possible.

Dentures are a practical, affordable way to replace any missing teeth you may have. There are many different options from complete dentures to partial dentures and many different materials to choose from. It is important to remember that dentures will not be as strong as your natural teeth were, but they are better than not having teeth at all. Thanks to advances in technology, dentures look more lifelike than ever.

Partial and Full Dentures

Partial dentures are used when some teeth are missing and there are enough healthy teeth remaining to hold the partial in. Partials consist of replacement teeth that are attached to a metal or plastic framework, which have clasps that connect to the natural teeth. With this connection they are usually very stable and provide better function than a full denture. 

Complete (full) dentures are used when all of the teeth either on the top or bottom are missing. Complete dentures consist of a pink acrylic material that covers the gums and then replacement teeth. Upper dentures are usually more comfortable and have a better fit due to having more bone support for the denture. Lower dentures usually don't fit as well due to less bone support and the surrounding muscles, which tend to pop them out, which is why we try to save lower teeth and do a partial denture if we can.

Whether you get a partial denture or a complete denture, Dr. Kerr will customize it to fit your mouth and work with his lab to get the most accurate fit and best looking smile possible for you. Even though the denture is customized to your mouth, you can still expect an adjustment period to get use to wearing and using the denture. Having sore spots is a normal part of the process while you get accustomed to your denture, and they can be easily adjusted to make you comfortable again. Sometimes if you are having a hard time adapting to the new denture, it is best to put some dental implants in the jawbone to help stabilize the denture.

Denture Care    

Even with full dentures, it is still important to practice good oral hygiene. Thorough cleaning prevents buildup on your denture and protects against bacterial or fungal infections. Brush your dentures with lukewarm water and mild liquid soap. Additionally, it is important to clean your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth as you brush every day. Over the counter denture cleaners are good to use periodically for a deeper clean and to remove stains. Protecting your dentures when you’re not wearing them can be accomplished by storing them in a protective case, covered in warm water. This prevents warping and cracking that occurs when they dry out. Avoid hot water, which can also distort your denture. If you have a partial denture, it is very important to care for your remaining teeth to ensure they stay healthy so that your partial can function for years to come.

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Remember to schedule regular appointments with Dr. Kerr so he can inspect your dentures for signs of damage and also check your soft tissues for any signs of problems.

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