Will my procedure hurt?

At our Osceola, IA dental office, our Kerr Family Dental team is committed to your comfort. We know that the fear of pain can keep people from visiting the dentist and avoid the routine dental work they need to keep their smiles healthy and comfortable. Often, this avoidance can result in a dental emergency, which is never ideal. 

We take a preventive approach to dental care, doing our best to avoid many common dental conditions with professional dental cleanings, routine x-rays, and comprehensive dental exams. When we stay on top of these regular appointments, we can often avoid bigger problems and are able to treat them when they are smaller and simpler.

When you do need work, we will make sure you feel comfortable for all procedures by using the appropriate level of anesthetic. Dr. Kerr is very gentle and can numb your tooth with very little discomfort. He will give you time for the full effect of the anesthetic to take effect so that you experience a painless appointment. We believe in comfortable dentistry and putting our patients at ease so they can relax while they have their dentistry.

If you have concerns about pain or if you have difficulty getting numb, just let us know! We will make the appropriate adjustments to ensure a positive experience for you.

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